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注册日期: 2006-07-29
住址: 江苏常州
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发表于 2006-11-25, 21: 38   [ 悄悄话 ]

A ambitious boy now study in HOHAI university CHANGZHOU Branch
my major is industrial design,I have a dream that I'LL be a eccellent someday and I'll gradute frim my school after one year,
I enjoy playing football /basketball in my spare time, and listening to music
design is my favor too. of course ,I'm glad to make friends with anyone who is kind and optimistic.
PS: my vcubulury and spoken English is good but not enough, in my opinion, so everybody come on!!! let's improve our English together.
and last but not least , my English name is QIQI. thank you!!!

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注册日期: 2006-08-13
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发表于 2006-12-29, 19: 11   [ 悄悄话 ]

English & Sketch may be two wings of ID major and i love them both!
i am glad to meet you all here! ------- lineid86

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注册日期: 2006-10-22
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发表于 2007-01-05, 12: 04   [ 悄悄话 ]

My name is leqi."leqi"isn't an english name ,it is just a chinese name in"pinyin"

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注册日期: 2004-10-08
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发表于 2007-01-09, 14: 13   [ 悄悄话 ]

hi,happy new year to everybody!
my name is lolo,i dont know whats mean in English on earth ,frankly ,lolo is a pig name in my family,and i love pig ,love this name ......pls my friends call me lolo .
i am lady without beautiful face but like all of nice things .clothes ,music (espacially major in wangfei ),and so on.
glad to come here!

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